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At AMETEK Process Instruments, we focus our experience on designing new, innovative analyzers that help our customers achieve higher leveels of productivity and quality.  Our primary focus in analyzer design is reliability.  We understand that you mush have confidence that the analyzer will provide the correct information when you need it.

Click on the application below to view a list of our analyzers that  would serve your needs and meet your requirements.

Sulfur Recovery
Feed Gas Process Control
Tail Gas
Pit Gas
Tail Gas Treating Unit (TGTU)
Continuous Emissions Monitoring

High Purity Gas Monitoring
Trace Carbon Monoxide
Trace Carbon Dioxide
Trace Moisture
Trace Hydrogen
Trace Methane
Trace Oxygen

Oxygen Analyzers for Non Combustion Applications
Thin Film Trace Oxygen
Oxygen in Inerting Blankets

Elemental Analysis
Sulfur in Oils and Fuel
Coatings on Metal
Silicon on Paper/Clay/Film

Stationary for Outdoor Applications
Rack and Benchmount
Moisture in Dryers and Humidity
Moisture in Controlled Ovens

Gas Phase Chemical Composition Analysis
Low to Ultra High Vacuum
Thin Film/Semiconductor/PVD
Atmospheric Sampling, Reactive Gases & CVD
Catalyst Research
BTU Determination for Flare Gas
Exposure Level Ambient Air Monitoring

Production Process
Non Hazardous Areas
Hazardous Chemical & Manufacturing Process
Aromatics in Waste Water
Pharmaceutical Production
Powder Drying

Combustion Process
NOx Reduction
Furnace Atmosphere Control
Continuous Emissions Monitoring (CEM)
Portables for Furnace Efficiency & Emissions Compliance
Combustion Efficiency and Fuel Air Ratio 
Coal Mill CO Detection

Environmental Emissions Monitoring
Particulate Matter
Opacity Monitoring
Oxygen Measurement
SO2 Emissions
CO Emissions
NOx Emissions

Liquid Phase Chemical Composition Analysis
Blending Operations
Contaminations and By Products
Hazardous Chemical & Manufacturing Process

Physical Properties
Specific Gravity
BTU Value of Natural Gas
Hydrocarbon Dew Point of Natural Gas
Thin Film/Semiconductor/PVD
Atmospheric Sampling, Reactive Gases & CVD

Analysis of Natural Gas
Gas Chromatographs
Hydrocarbon Dew Point

Color Analysis
Color Analysis
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