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Chandler Engineering includes dew point testers, moisture analyzers, natural gas chromatographs, liquid densitometers, and gas gravitometers.

Gas Chromatographs for Natural Gas

This analyzer is used for determination of individual component percentages in natural gas. Heating value (BTU), relative density, and compressibility, and Wobbe values are produced, logged, and reported over variety of outputs.

Gas Gravitometers

The Ranarex gas gravitometer measures the specific gravity of gases compared to air. For many industrial processes, there is a definite relation between the analysis of the gas mixture and its specific gravity.

Water and Hydrocarbon Dew Point for Natural Gas

Chilled mirror devices for the determination of the hydrocarbon dew point of natural gas.

Liquid Densitometers

Liquid densitometers accurately measure the density of a flowing liquid at actual operation conditions. They are used for extremely accurate fluid metering (custody transfer), pipeline interface detection, liquid blending, process control, and other applications where density indicates operational quality.

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