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Model 9100 CO

Model 9100 is across stack infrared, in situ carbon monoxide monitor providing high accuracy and reliability, coupled with straightforward installation and setup and is suitable for a wide range of industrial combustion efficiency monitoring applications. This carbon monoxide monitor is designed to provide the operator with a fast response measurement, essential to the efficient combustion control of any boiler system.

Product Range
Model 9100 Carbon Monoxide Monitor

Features and Benefits
  • Direct continuous measurement of carbon monoxide
  • True representative measurement - reading averaged across entire duct
  • Improved combustion control and efficiency savings
  • Low running and maintenance cost
  • High reliability - robust design
  • Simple installation - advanced alignment features
  • Over 20 years of experience in carbon monoxide monitoring - 4th generation product


  • Boiler combustion efficiency
  • Low NOx burner performance
  • Burner performance monitoring
  • Process control
  • Precipitator protection
  • Monitor boiler erosion

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