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Insitu Replacement Probes

The Need
Removing an oxygen insitu probe from any combustion process is a time consuming and costly task. Periodic removal of insitu probes is required to protect zirconium oxide cells from chemical washdown operations while higher blends and increased use of high ash and lower sulfur PRB coals require more frequent removal of probes to clean plugged filters.

The Solution
All WDG-Insitu flue gas oxygen probes incorporate the unique inner/outer probe design which facilitates removal of the cell/heater assembly through the probe head. Once the inner probe is removed, the outer probe support pipe allows straight run access to insitu filter for cleaning with compressed air. This feature significantly reduces turn-around time. The WDG-Insitu probe is compatible with existing Yokogawa, Westinghouse/Enotec, and Rosemount WC3000 discrete microprocessor controls so entire replacement of oxygen system is not required to obtain this maintenance cost reduction feature.
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