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Model 2850 Moisture Analyzer

Model 2850AMETEK’s Model 2850 Moisture Analyzer establishes a new standard in clean gas moisture analyzers: ultrafast response speed, exceptional accuracy, virtually no interferences, multigas compatibility, and on-board measurement verification. This unique combination of capabilities makes the Model 2850 the moisture analyzer of choice for monitoring process desiccant dryers, instrument air dryers, or air separators, and for industrial gas production and quality assurance.


Typical Applications

Industrial gas production and quality assurance

Compressed industrial gas suppliers need accuracy to certify compressed gas quality. They need fast dry-down response to ensure that the analyzer comes back on-line quickly after a slug of moisture, and they need complete multigas compatibility. Compare the performance of your present moisture analyzer with the Model 2850; accuracy to 50 ppbv, less than five minute dry-down time in the 1 to 100 ppmv range and the compatibility with virtually all compressed gases, including CO2, hydrogen and oxygen. Finally, there is one analyzer which meets all your analytical and operational needs.

Cryogenic air separation

Cryogenic separation produces inherently dry gas, typically on the order of a few hundred ppbv. Suddenly increasing moisture is a widely used alarm condition because of the danger of catastrophic freeze-up and the downtime it causes. The Model 2850 answers this need perfectly, with sensitivity to 20 ppbv, fast response to increasing moisture, and reliable trend indication in the critical 100 ppbv to 1 ppmv alarm range.

Process dryers

Many industrial applications use desiccant dryers to remove moisture from process gases. Typically, these dryers operate in parallel: when the first dryer becomes saturated, the process gas is switched to the second while the first is regenerated. Used as the dryer outlet monitor, the Model 2850 provides internal measurement verification, fast wet-up response time, fast dry-down response time, wide measurement range, and superior accuracy. Plant operators can extend the dryer regeneration cycle reducing regeneration costs using the reliable, accurate Model 2850

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