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S A/F IQThe Need
Waste gas, biogas, off-gas, blast furnace and coke oven gas are often used as fuel for boilers, reboilers, furnaces, gas turbines and incinerators. The highly variable BTU content makes it difficult to use these fuels efficiently, safely and with minimum emissions. This analyzer directly measures the flow of air needed to burn a flow of a variable composition fuel gas. It can be used to compensate for the non-uniformity in gas supplies and to aid in the efficient utilization of by-product and waste-gas streams as fuel.

The Solution
This Stoichiometric Air-to-Fuel ratio analyzer takes separate streams of the fuel and air supplies, mixes and ignites them internally and measures the products of combustion. Feed-forward process combustion control of the stoichiometric air/fuel ratio using the S A/F IQ analyzer ensures maximum efficiency and minimum emissions (NOx and CO). The analyzer delivers a very fast responding signal that enables the combustion control system to react quickly to the variability of the combustion fuel and to provide the right amount of excess air. For all fuels, the S A/F IQ Analyzer is both faster and more accurate at predicting air requirements than Wobbe-type instruments since it mimics the combustion process.

  • Weatherproof sensor enclosure
  • Zirconium oxide-based for reliable on-line measurement and control of variable BTU fuels
  • Inherently corrects for any oxygen in the fuel gas and includes it in the reading
  • Three analog outputs - oxygen, air/fuel ratio and Wobbe Index
  • Two alarms
  • Diagnostics
  • RS-485
  • Requires handheld or wall-mount IQ Link
  • HART option available
  • UL Listed, CE Compliant

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