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WDG Insitu Probe

The Need
Modern gas, oil and coal fired boiler operations require dependable, low-maintanence, application flexible devices to monitor and control combustion processes. The measurement of excess oxygen in flue gas is particularly important for obtaining maximum combustion fuel efficiency while minimizing thermal or fuel-bound Nitrogen oxides generation. The zirconium oxide insitu probe has become the industry standard for making this flue gas-oxygen measurement. However, most insitu probe designs do not afford ideal accessibility to filter, cell and heater components, requiring removal of the probe from the process flange for servicing.

The Solution
The WDG Insitu flue gas oxygen probe differs from all other oxygen insitu probes. The unique inner/outer probe design facilitates removal of cell, heater and thermocouple assembly through the probe head. Once the inner probe assembly is removed, the outer probe support pipe allows straight run access to insitu filter for cleaning with compressed air. The inner probe assembly also exposes the reference side of the zirconium cell to ambient air eliminating the need for instrument air utilities at the probe mounting location. The combination of component access and reduced utility requirements provides a cost-effective reduced maintenance solution for today and tomorrow's gas, oil and coal fired boiler operations.

There are three control options available for the WDG Insitu flue gas oxygen probe to maximize integration with existing plant or process control systems.

  • IQ Series Transmitter provides probe head mounted full function electronics with analog outputs, alarms, expanded system diagnostics, auto calibration feature and optional Hart communication.
  • 2000 Series Microprocessor Control provides 4 line local display, analog outputs, alarms, expanded system diagnostics, auto calibration option.
  • 1200/1210 Series Compact Control provides 2 line local display, one analog output, alarms, general system diagnostics, software supported manual calibration.
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