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Model 4500 Phenol in Water

AMETEK’s 4500 Phenol Analyzer system is designed for automatic monitoring of waste water streams for low levels of phenols. It is a highly reliable system combining the recognized performance of the AMETEK Western ResearchTM 4000 Photometric Analyzer and a sampling system developed and tested over a two-year period.

Low concentrations of phenol can be selectively monitored by differential ultraviolet photometry using the characteristic wavelength shift with pH. UV absorption is higher in basic water solutions than it is in acidic phenol solutions. The difference in absorption is linearly proportional to the phenol concentration and is specific since no other contaminants in water will show a change.

The difference in absorption of the acidic and basic solutions is measured with the AMETEK 4000 Photometric Analyzer using a 289 nm measuring wavelength and usually a 365 nm reference wavelength, although other reference wavelengths may be used in special cases.

The patented split-beam design of the photometric analyzer assures accurate analytical results by compensating for suspended solids, bubbles, and background UV absorbance. Even with waste water backgrounds greater than 2 absorbance (less than 1% of the light transmitted at the measuring wavelength) accurate measurement can be made.

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