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Model 910 Hot/Wet Multi Gas Mass Flow CEM

A number of governmental air pollution regulations restrict the allowable stack emissions from various industrial facilities. Often, a facility will need to measure and report the emissions of multiple pollutants being emitted by their process. Under many compliance regulations, it is not adequate to simply know the concentration of these pollutants in the stack gas emissions. Often, a facility is required to monitor and report the individual mass emissions (e.g. lb/hr, kgs/day, etc.) of their processes.

In order to accurately monitor mass emissions, an analyzer must be capable of accurately and reliably measuring the various pollutants of interest while simultaneously measuring the stack gas velocity. This feat is made all the more difficult as the stack gas is typically hot, saturated with moisture, and dirty.

The AMETEK Western Research Model 910 is specifically configured for monitoring the stack emissions of multiple pollutants on a mass rate basis. It measures stack effluent temperature and velocity in addition to as many as five pollutant concentrations at stack conditions, enabling each pollutant's mass emission rate to be reported. With the addition of an optional zirconium oxide sensor, the Model 910 is capable of monitoring oxygen.

The Model 910 is a very robust and reliable analyzer. Its UV-based measurements do not suffer from H2O and CO2 interference. They can also have a wide dynamic range for some measurements. This greatly simplifies sample handling and sample integrity as there is no need for sample drying. As a fully extractive, heated wet basis analyzer, the 910's sample system components are simply heated above the dew point of the sample gas. This results in a simpler and more accurate calculation of gas concentrations, requiring no corrections for condensed and dissolved components.

The Model 910 performs all necessary sample gas and calibration gas flow management, and probe and sample line temperature control. The Model 910 is a full function Continuous Emissions Monitoring System (CEM) which requires the addition of only a sample probe and sample line to be fully operational. Housing options for the analyzer include a cabinet or walk in shelter built to your specifications.

  • Hot/wet analysis prevents errors associated with:
  • Correcting for water vapor, and Absorption losses in driers
  • Able to measure up to five of the following species: SO2, NO, NO2, H2S, NH3 or a number of other chemicals
  • Multi-range SO2 analysis possible
  • H2O or CO2 interference
  • Automated zero and span gas calibration
  • Provides serial interface with plant DCS
  • Incorporates flow measurement for emission rate calculations


  • Sulfur Plants
  • Smelters
  • Power Plants
  • Industrial Boilers
  • Process Heaters

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