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Model 9900RM Gas Analyzer

The new Model 9900RM is a single or multi-component gas analyzer that can be used alone or as an integrated part of a CEM (continuous emissions monitoring) system. The analyzer is 19” rack-mountable and supports Modbus/RS485 and Ethernet connectivity.

The Model 9900RM can be configured to measure most gas species that absorb in the UV. Species typically measured directly by the Model 9900RM include: SO2, NO, NO2, H2S, COS, CS2, NH3, and BTX. Up to five components can be measured simultaneously making the system very economical for multicomponent analysis needs.

The simple and robust design of the Model 9900RM is complemented by powerful data processing capabilities. The user-friendly keyboard enables programming of such variables as timing and frequency of local zero and span checks. Both analog and digital outputs are available and serial communications via Modbus protocol. An optional paramagnetic oxygen sensor can be included to provide O2 corrected concentrations.

When your requirement is for a rugged, single or multi-gas analyzer, free of interferences from water and CO2, the Model 9900RM is your answer.
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