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Dycor Mobile Cart System

Dycor offers a mobile cart system that can be equipped with any type of Dycor residual gas analyzer (RGA). This compact, sturdy cart can also be configured with your choice of inlet manifolds and vacuum pumping systems.

Key features

  • Automated start-up of integrated cart system
  • Maintains vacuum when moved between sample points for quick start-up, via optional vacuum sentry safety valve.
  • Flexible design
    • Supports all standard pumping configurations
    • Accommodates optional Opto-22 Data Acquisition System
    • Supports computer and printer
  • Sturdy aluminum frame construction
  • Locked storage cabinet for tools, laptop PC, user's manual, etc.
  • RGA and inlet manifold at convenient location for easy access
  • No tools required to remove smart sensor from cart for attachment to your vacuum chamber/process tool

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