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PreMix 2000

The Need
Forehearth zone temperature is critical to proper flow of molten glass to fiber forming equipment. The combustion atmosphere in fiber forming baskets is equally important to ensure fiber quality and consistancy. Forehearth zone temperature and fiber forming atmosphere are both controlled by adjusting the air to fuel ratio of discrete premix burner stations feeding these systems. Continuous analysis of resultant excess oxygen or excess fuel from air to fuel ratio adjustments is needed to automate the glass fiber manufacturing process.

The Solution
The PreMix 2000 analyzer provides continuous feedback of excess oxygen or excess fuel resultant from air to fuel ratio settings on premix burner station output. The PreMix sensor takes a sample of the premixed gas, ignites and burns the sample in an internal catalytic chamber and measures the resultant excess oxygen or excess fuel with a specially treated zirconium oxide sensing cell. The durable stainless steel sensor enclosure facilitates mounting near premix station for minimum sample transport delay and maximum feedback response.

The 2000 Series microprocessor control unit provides a 4 line digital dysplay, analog outputs, alarms, system and sensor diagnostics, software supported calibration.

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