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IPS-4 Integrated Photometric Spectrometer

Today's chemical producers and consumers are under tremendous pressure to cut costs, lower maintenance expenses, and improve product quality. In order to meet these demanding objectives, process engineers and operators need analytically capable and reliable process analyzers which require minimal maintenance and operator intervention. The analyzers also need to be easy to use and capable of communicating in a wide variety of ways. It is also a benefit if the analyzer is durable enough to be installed in outdoor, wash-down, hazardous, and other environmentally harsh locations. more ...

Model 9100 CO

Series 9000 cross stack infrared, in-situ carbon monoxide monitors provide high accuracy and reliability, coupled with straightforward installation and setup and is suitable for a wide range of industrial combustion efficiency monitoring applications. This carbon monoxide monitor is designed to provide the operator with a fast response measurement, essential to the efficient combustion control of any boiler system. more ...

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