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Drilling & Wells

Drilling through the earth’s surface takes place to create wells, which release oil and gas hydrocarbons for retrieval. Analysis of the hydrocarbons found provides an assessment of the borehole pay quality.

As drilling speed and directional capabilities increase, determination of the pay quality in narrow zones becomes more important. 

Typically, measurements for this application use gas chromatography with flame ionization technology. However, these measurements take nearly a minute to process and top out at C5 hydrocarbons.

We provide a mass spectrometry solution that delivers quantitative analysis of C1 through C8 components in less than 10 seconds. It is designed to be easy to use and maintain, and ready to be deployed in the harsh conditions of the drilling site.
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    Well logging

    Well logging creates a detailed record of the geological levels that have been drilled through. It is a vital analysis that determines pay composition, quality and location.

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