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Rapid Thermal Processing (RTP)

In this process, silicon wafers used in semiconductor manufacturing are heated to temperatures above 1,000oC (1832oF) in a very short timeframe of several seconds at most. Trace oxygen measurement is critical to ensure product quality.

A key technology in semiconductor manufacturing, rapid thermal processing allows for faster processing of the silicon wafer through the use of high intensity lamps or lasers. The wafer is then carefully cooled to prevent thermal shock.

Rapid thermal processes are used for a variety of semiconductor manufacturing applications including dopant activation, thermal oxidation, metal reflow and chemical vapor deposition.

We provide field-proven analytical solutions using trusted technologies, including mass spectroscopy and zirconium oxide. With rapid-response capabilities, these analyzers provide quick detection of contaminants to ensure product quality.

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    Trace oxygen monitoring

    For some rapid thermal processing applications, such as thermal oxidation, the levels of oxygen contamination must be monitored in order to ensure efficiency and maintain product quality.

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