Furnace Atmosphere Control

  • Model CMFA-P2000

    Versatile precombustion or flue gas analyzer commonly used for spot sampling glass melting tanks, mix station tuning on forehearths, furnace atmosphere control, and for flame treating applications.

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  • Model PreMix 2000
    PreMix 2000 Analyzer

    Forehearth zone temperature is critical to proper flow of molten glass to fiber forming equipment. The combustion atmosphere in fiber forming baskets is equally important to ensure fiber quality and consistancy. Forehearth zone temperature and fiber forming atmosphere are both controlled by adjusting the air to fuel ratio of discrete premix burner stations feeding these systems. Continuous analysis of resultant excess oxygen or excess fuel from air to fuel ratio adjustments is needed to automate the glass fiber manufacturing process.

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  • THERMOX Model  WDG-V Combustion Analyzer
    WDG-V Combustion Analyzer

    Low emission burners and aggressive firing control points to achieve increased efficiency and emission reductions have driven the industry to tighter control measures. But tighter control measures also hold a greater potential for combustion events. Reducing the risk of a combustion event has become a priority and has led to the implementation of Safety Instrumented Systems (SIS). This additional layer of safety is added to the Basic Process Control System.

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  • Model CEM Oxygen Analyzer
    CEM Oxygen Analyzer

    Continuous Emissions Monitoring systems using hot-wet extractive systems take the flue gas sample from the exit of wet-scrubbers. A hot-wet oxygen measurement is taken from the incoming feed line to the CEM system analysis cabinet. The oxygen analyzer used for this measurement must be equipped to keep the sample gas above the dew point and compact to fit within the restricted space of the analysis cabinet.

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  • Model WDG-IV Series Analyzers
    WDG-IV Series Analyzers

    The WDG-IV analyzer measures oxygen, combustibles and methane in natural gas-fired applications. It is ideal for gas-fired power boilers or for those using natural gas during start-up and shutdown. With this analyzer, you can monitor oxygen and combustibles for maximum fuel efficiency. Available with Series 2000 controller or integrated /IQ electronics.

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    WDG-IV UOP/RP Analyzer

    The UOP Continuous Catalyst Regeneration Process requires low-level continuous oxygen measurement during the regeneration process to protect the Platonized catalyst from oxidation. The process is operated at elevated temperature and pressure. The flue gas contains low levels of HCL and catalyst fines. The critical oxygen measurement analyzer must be able to survive the veracious nature of the process while maintaining a high level of accuracy at low level oxygen concentrations.

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