• Model 931 Single Gas H2S Analyzer (opt. + H2 and HC)
    931 Single Gas H2S Analyzer

    The 931 uses a sophisticated UV-VIS photometer to measure any single UV-absorbing gas species for process monitoring and control. Additional IR and thermal conductivity sensors capable of detecting non-UV absorbing species, such as CO2 and H2 can be incorporated into the design.

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  • Model 932 Multi Gas H2S Analyzer (opt. + H2 and HC)
    932 Multi Gas H2S Analyzer

    A compact, reliable process analyzer is required to properly monitor and control most modern chemical processes. Whether you are performing feed-forward control, feed-back control, or quality monitoring, an on-line process analyzer is required for optimal control.

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  • Model 933 H2S in Natural Gas
    933 H2S in Natural Gas Analyzer

    The 933 is a unique UV-based photometric analyzer system for H2S analysis when present in concentrations below 100 ppm in natural gas and other applications. The analyzer responds quickly to changes in H2S concentration and it quickly self-recovers from extreme upset conditions.

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  • Laser - Model 5100 HD
    5100HD TDLAS

    The 5100HD hosts a dual laser platform. Two separate lasers are installed in the instrument, sharing a common optical path through the sample, enabling the measurement of two analytes simultaneously. This results in significant cost savings to our customers. Where the required concentrations of the analytes differ considerably such that different path lengths are required, two sample cells are used.

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