Oxygen in Inerting Blankets

  • Model TM2000 Oxygen Analyzer
    TM2000 Oxygen Analyzer

    The TM2000 Net Oxygen Analyzer protects industrial processes by quickly responding to changes using an industry proven zirconium oxide sensor. It operates within a wide range of 0.1 ppm to 100% oxygen, and can accurately respond from atmosphere to low ppm oxygen levels in just seconds. In addition, the TM2000 can detect excess combustibles process upsets in the presence of very low ppm oxygen readings. This unique benefit is particularly important in cryogenic gas generating processes, where the TM2000 can distinguish between an oxygen upset condition and an excess combustibles upset condition.

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  • Model CG1000 Oxygen Analyzer
    CG1000 Oxygen Analyzer

    The CG1000 is a portable oxygen analyzer designed for industrial and laboratory applications. It has a wide operating range (0.1 ppm to 100% O2, autoranging), a fast response to oxygen changes, and advanced electronic capabilities for easy system integration.

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