Powder Drying

Take the guesswork out of powder-drying endpoints

Detect precise dryer endpoint in real time, for aqueous- or solvent-based solutions.

Guessing at whether or not powder products are properly dried is wasteful and time-consuming. And running samples to a lab and then waiting for results often means missing the optimum endpoint. AMETEK’s online analyzers (ProMaxion™ mass spectrometers for solvent drying, and 5100 laser spectrometers for aqueous drying) provide continuous process readouts, making it easy to achieve repeatable precision and to optimize endpoint solvent or moisture content. This often saves energy, reduces waste, and increases the potential value of the end product. Operators can set up and use the systems, without special training, and the analyzers have all appropriate certifications for a full range of pharmaceutical, food, and cosmetic applications.

  • Laser - Model 5100 HD
    5100HD TDLAS

    The 5100HD hosts a dual laser platform. Two separate lasers are installed in the instrument, sharing a common optical path through the sample, enabling the measurement of two analytes simultaneously. This results in significant cost savings to our customers. Where the required concentrations of the analytes differ considerably such that different path lengths are required, two sample cells are used.

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  • ProMaxion
    ProMaxion Process Mass Spectrometer

    The ProMaxion process mass spectrometer offers real-time gas analysis in a reliable, easy-to-use package for a wide range of industrial applications.

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