Sulfur Pit Gas

  • Model 888-Sulfur Recovery Tail Gas Analyzer
    888 Sulfur Recovery Tail Gas Analyzer

    AMETEK Process Instruments has been the leader in tail gas analysis for over 40 years-with more than 1,100 installed 880 NSL analyzers and more than 100 million hours of run time.

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  • Model 930 H2S in Sulfur Pit Analyzer
    930 H2S in Sulfur Pit Analyzer

    In many sulfur recovery units, produced sulfur is stored in liquid form in sulfur pits. Operators are increasingly aware that sulfur pits present potential danger to plant personnel and overall plant safety. It is therefore critically important to monitor H2S in the vapour space of sulfur pits to ensure that it remains below the Lower Explosive Limit (LEL) (4.3% by volume).

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