Sulfur Recovery Tail Gas

  • Model 888-Sulfur Recovery Tail Gas Analyzer
    888 Sulfur Recovery Tail Gas Analyzer

    AMETEK Process Instruments has been the leader in tail gas analysis for over 40 years-with more than 1,100 installed 880 NSL analyzers and more than 100 million hours of run time.

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  • Model 900 Air Demand Analyzer
    900 Tail Gas-Air Demand Analyzer

    In the past, conventional Claus sulfur recovery processes were adequately controlled on the basis of ratio or excess process air. However, the development of new and modified sulfur recovery processes has dramatically changed the analytical requirements placed on the tail gas analyzer. These applications require accurate chemical concentration data over wide dynamic ranges. Selective oxidation processes may require the analyzer to control the H2S/ SO2 ratio at values ranging from 1:7 to greater than 10:1. In addition, there is an increased need to provide reliable process data during upset conditions (to 5% H2S or SO2), to ensure correct response to such conditions. Data on COS and CS2 concentrations are also increasingly used to monitor catalyst and overall sulfur plant performance.

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