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Dymaxion Residual Gas Analyzer

DyMaxion RGA

The Dymaxion RGA mass spectrometer uses the latest quadrupole technology to provide unsurpassed gas analysis monitoring, characterization or control for a range of applications.

Analyzer heads and electronics can be interchanged, providing maximum versatility. Options for ion source (open, closed and enclosed) are available, along with a choice of AMU range (1-100, 1-200 and 1-300).

This ‘zero footprint’ smart sensor RGA has data acquisition and control electronics mounted directly on the sensor, and can be linked to a computer for multiple analyzer instruments.

Offering a highly flexible and cost-effective gas analysis solution, particularly for high-purity analysis, the Dymaxion RGA is ideal for the semiconductor industry, and is also used in the research and aerospace markets.

Powerful software support includes system integration capability with Visual Basic Scripting and automation for dynamic data exchange (DDE) and object linking and embedding (OLE). Scripting capabilities allow automation of equipment and process monitoring. A simulation mode facilitates user training and application development.

An intuitive keypad-and-display interface allows simple access to operating variables. Software-based auto-tune capabilities ensure high-quality, repeatable data, while spectral interpretation suggests the gas species that could be contributing to your spectra.

All Dymaxion analyzers can operate with System 2000 software for real-time process control. On-board analog and digital I/O options provide monitoring and control of other sensor outputs.

The Dymaxion RGA is our versatile solution for high-performance mass spectrometry gas analysis – Find out more.

  • Interchangeable analyzer heads for maximum versatility
  • Zero-drift, electrometer-amplifier technology
  • Intuitive, easy-to-use interface
  • On-board diagnostics for data integrity