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LC-D Series Residual Gas Analyzer

Dycor LC-D Series Residual Gas Analyzer

Measuring molecular weights up to 300 AMU, the LC-D Series instruments are constructed from materials that are compatible with ultra-high vacuum (UHV) systems. They are designed to require minimal maintenance.

A highly versatile residual gas analyzer (RGA), the LC-D Series offers a variety of operating modes, including analog and bar, meter, annunciator, tabular, trent, and leak detection. Auto-tune capabilities ensure high quality, repeatable data.

It includes a 1-100 AMU-range open ion source analyzer head with dual filaments and Faraday cup detector, electrometer preamplifier, and an RF power supply with an Ethernet port for interfacing to a PC.

With options available for 1-200 and 1-300 AMU ranges, the LC-D is a cost-effective RGA for vacuum diagnostics, deposition system monitoring and academic research in the semiconductor industry.

Coupled with our System 2000 software, the LC-D provides advanced features usually associated with higher-priced instruments 

The LC-D Series RGA automatically sets RF-tune, mass position and resolution to ensure high-quality, repeatable data.

With a variety of operating modes, the LC-D Series is able to combine display windows. It also offers a library mode for split-screen comparison between collected sample spectra and stored library spectra.

The LC-D Series RGA is our versatile, cost-effective process monitoring solution – Find out more.

  • Ideally suited for UHV systems
  • Ethernet connectivity
  • Auto-tune capabilities
  • Variety of operating modes