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ProLine Process Mass Spectrometers

Dycor ProLine Process Mass Spectrometers

Designed for multiport, multicomponent process analysis, the ProLine is a versatile mass spectrometer which uses our proven quadropole mass filter, in combination with a contaminant-resistant enclosed ion source.

It delivers outstanding sensitivity and stability with unequalled, remarkably clean mass separation, in an affordable package, offering real-time analysis at the lowest available price-per-sample point.

The ProLine’s multiport sampling system consists of 8 or 16 manifold-mounted valves and a capillary restriction in a heated enclosure, to prevent condensation. The inlet arrangement is designed for fast clearing, offering continuous flush on any valve position.

Compact and exceptionably reliable, the ProLine provides fast, cost-effective multicomponent analysis for a range of applications in the hydrocarbon processing, metals and mining, and pharmaceutical industries.

The ProLine’s electronics are contained within a single plug-in unit, which is easily replaced. The analyzer heads can be switched on-site, with no electronics calibration required.

Analyzer performance is maintained through automatic calibration and verification, which allows it to quantify the amount of gas species in multicomponent samples. Operation is fully automated, for unattended analysis of process streams and calibration gases.

The ProLine is designed to deliver the exceptional reliability and high sensitivity of mass spectrometry to a range of applications that currently use gas chromatography, near-infrared, Fourier-transform infrared spectroscopy, or multiple single-component analytical devices.

The ProLine is the versatile mass spectrometer for fast, affordable multicomponent analysis – Find out more.

  • Lowest price-per-sample point
  • Small and compact design
  • Exceptional reliability
  • Automatic sample stream switching