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System 2000 Software

Providing real-time calculation capabilities, System 2000 software is a 32-bit, Windows-compatible platform that allows automation of all processes involving AMETEK Process Instruments’ residual gas analyzers (RGAs).

Providing extensive systems integration capability, it offers an intuitive graphical user interface that allows easy configuration for applications without the need for programming.

System 2000 software automates all processes involving residual gas analyzers (RGAs). It can also execute scripts written in Visual Basic, which makes it easy to bring the RGA on- and off-process.

System 2000 software is designed to operate with all of AMETEK Process Instruments’ range of RGAs, including the LC-D Series and the Dymaxion range. All existing Dycor analyzers can be upgraded to use this software.

To avoid false alarms shutting down a system, System 2000 users can set a count value that must be exceeded before an alarm is triggered. This protects the system from transient effects and noise spikes, maintaining the advantages of in-situ gas analysis.

Alarms can be set for ratios of two different gases or inputs, providing increased system intelligence. For example, rather than using an oxygen partial pressure to indicate an air leak, the ratio of oxygen to nitrogen may be a more reliable indicator.

Real-time calculations can be applied to scanned data. Real-time data can also be compared with process signature data based on repeated runs of normal processes. High-speed simultaneous data acquisition for multiple sensors ensures critical process events are not missed.

System 2000 is our real-time process control software for residual gas analyzers – Find out more.

  • Easy-to-use graphical interface
  • Auto-tune capability for repeatable data
  • Extensive range of alarm features
  • Simulation mode for user training
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  • Compliance +

    21 CFR 11 compliant version available for pharmaceutical and biotech applications.

  • Certifications +

    For information on certifications, please contact AMETEK Process Instruments.