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303B Moisture Analyzer

Model 303B Moisture Analyzer

The 303B moisture analyzer is a highly accurate, portable device for trace-level measurements of moisture in gas streams for Division 2 areas.

Offering a lightweight design and digital moisture reading, the 303B uses an electrolytic cell that does not require calibration, and is virtually specific to water, so can be used to monitor the moisture content in nearly any background gas.

Based on Faraday’s Laws of Electrolysis, the 303B absorbs and electrolyzes moisture down to fractional parts per million (ppm) and is linear to its 2000 ppm by volume (ppmv) maximum reading.

A versatile unit with solid state electronics and a rugged moisture cell, the 303B is ideal for a wide range of moisture measurement applications, particularly in the hydrocarbon processing and natural gas industries.

A compact, lightweight unit, the 303B can be used as a portable analyzer or permanently installed. It is available with a choice of power sources, including AC, external DC and internal battery operation.

The 303B can be situated close to the sample tap, eliminating long tubing runs and reducing the sample transport time of the process gas. This improves the overall measurement response time.

The built-in bypass flowmeter increases the total sample flow to reduce response time. This is valuable when the 303B is in portable use, for example when valves, regulators and tubing must be purged of atmospheric moisture prior to taking measurements.

The 303B moisture analyzer is the portable, electrolytic cell-based moisture analyzer for trace moisture measurements – Find out more.

  • Digital moisture indicating meter
  • Rugged moisture cell
  • Adjustable flow control system
  • Mobile design with optional carrying bag