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CG1000 Oxygen Analyzer

Model CG1000 Oxygen Analyzer

The CG1000 is a portable oxygen (O2) analyzer with a wide operating range (0.1 parts per million (ppm) to 100% O2, auto-ranging), a rapid response to net oxygen changes, and advanced electronic capabilities for easy system integration.

This portable analyzer offers rapid response times of less than five seconds over a single decade, monitors sample flow to ensure reliability, and is easily integrated into control schemes via digital communications and analog outputs.

The CG1000 uses zirconium oxide for precise oxygen measurements. An electronic flow sensor ensures a reliable sample flow. An optional built-in pump allows samples to be pulled from processes under vacuum with pressure compensation. 

Compact and lightweight, the CG1000 provides a portable solution for an extensive variety of applications across hydrocarbon processing, industrial gas, pharmaceutical, specialty welding, fiber optics and semiconductor industries. Options available for rapid thermal processing (RTP). 

The lightweight CG1000 is housed in a compact case with handle, making it easy to transport the analyzer to several different sampling locations.

Easy-to-use, menu-driven software includes helpful system status messages, enabling operators to begin using the CG1000 quickly. Advanced diagnostics and inline help further simplify use.

An electronic flow sensor eliminates the high maintenance and potential leaks associated with mechanical flow meters, allowing reliable monitoring of the flow of gases into the analyzer. A flow alarm can be set to trigger if flow to the analyzer stops.

The CG1000 is the reliable, fast-response portable O2 analyzer for industrial and laboratory applications – Find out more.

  • Rapid response to net oxygen changes
  • Fails safe to air instead of reading zero O2
  • Reliably measures sample flow
  • Reduced expenses by calibrating on percent gases
  • Easily integrated into control scheme
  • digital communications and analog inputs