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WDG-HPII Series Analyzers

Model WDG HP Analyzer

WDG-HPII Series analyzers offer unique chimney-effect/convective sampling technology that combines the advantages of insitu probe high-particulate sampling with the high temperature and corrosion resistance of extractive analyzers.

With a high-particulate filter and weatherproof sensor enclosure, the analyzer is ideal for measurements of O2, combustibles and methane, and is completely field serviceable.

The WDG-HPII is designed to operate in conditions where particulate levels are high, and is suitable for flue gas temperatures up to 1537oC (2800oF). Zirconium oxide measures oxygen and catalytic detectors measure combustibles and methane. 

The WDG-HPII is ideal for measurement in cement and lime kilns, glass multiple hearth furnaces, metals and mining furnaces, pharmaceutical heaters, power and steam generation boilers and pulp and paper black liquor recovery boilers.

Using convective sampling, the WDG-HPII relies on diffusion of the sample, reducing the velocity of the gas to eliminate the problem of ‘sand blasting’ the probe. In addition, the analyzer does not use an aspirator, minimizing particulate plugging.

Zirconium oxide sensing delivers a reliable O2 measurement from 0-1% to 0-100% that is industry-proven. For combustibles analysis, an optional catalytic detector measures within 0-2000 parts per million for combustion optimization.

Maintenance can be performed on the WDG-HPII without removing it from the process, making it completely field serviceable.

The WDG-HPII series is the close-couple convective analyzer for high-particulate flue gas applications – Find out more.

  • Weatherproof, stainless steel sensor enclosure
  • Completely field-serviceable
  • High-particulate filter
  • Series 2000 control unit