WDG-IV Series Analyzers

Model WDG-IV Series Analyzers

The WDG-IV series of combustion analyzers measures oxygen (O2), combustibles (CO+H2) and methane (CH4) in natural gas-fired applications for fuel efficiency and safety.

Completely field-serviceable, the WDG-IV series is ideal for gas-fired power boilers or for boilers using natural gas during start-up and shutdown with accurate O2 measurements using industry-proven zirconium oxide.

The WDG-IV series uses a close-coupled, extractive design for fast responses in a wide range of flue gas applications up to 1648oC (3000oF). Industry-proven zirconium oxide provides accurate O2 measurements, with catalytic detectors for combustibles and CH4 analysis.

Available in housings to suit various environmental conditions, the WDG-IV series is ideal for combustion optimization and boiler safety in the hydrocarbon processing and power and steam generation industries.

The WDG-IV is available with the Series 2000 control unit, which provides alarms, diagnostics, and both analog and digital communication options. The unit is available in a range of enclosures, and is operated through a four-line x 20-character vacuum fluorescent display panel.

A version of the analyzer is available that extends its operating range from excess O2 only to include excess fuel. This allows two-point calibration in the excess fuel range, and adds display and alarm options for excess fuel levels.

The WDG-IV is housed in a lift-off NEMA 3R weather-resistant enclosure constructed of stainless steel. Optional hinged NEMA 4X (IP65), explosion-proof, purged and floor-mount versions are also available.

The WDG-IV series is the flue gas combustion analyzer for natural gas-fired process optimization and safety – Find out more.

  • Close-coupled, extractive design
  • Weatherproof enclosure
  • Completely field serviceable/
  • Fast-response measurements
  • Two isolated current outputs