WDG-V Zone 1

Model WDG-V Zone1

The WDG-V Zone 1 is a flame-proof flue gas analyzer designed to provide accurate measurements of oxygen, combustibles and methane for process control and safety in combustion applications.

Offering safe, reliable operation through continual diagnostic checks and proactive alarms, the analyzer provides an additional layer of safety in burner management systems. It is IEC certified for Zone 1 hazardous locations.

The WDG-V Zone 1 has a close-coupled extractive design, delivering fast responses in flue gases up to 1648oC (3000oF). Zirconium oxide measures oxygen, while catalytic detectors measure combustibles and methane. An integral flow sensor ensures sampling integrity.

Providing reliable operation and a completely field serviceable design, the WDG-V Zone 1 analyzer is ideal for hazardous location applications in the hydrocarbon processing and power and steam generation industries.

The WDG-V Zone 1 has a self-contained, flame-proof enclosure certified for IEC Zone 1 hazardous locations. Onboard diagnostics provide continuous monitoring and proactive alerts, reducing undetected faults. Digital communications enable remote diagnostics, calibration, verification, and error notification.

The analyzer is designed with measurement redundancy and continual diagnostic functions that assess the health of the WDG-V Zone 1 and validate the proper combustion measurements.

All analyzer components are easily serviced in the field without having to be removed from the process flange. Ethernet connection allows remote performance monitoring for maintenance or asset management systems.

The WDG-V Zone 1 is the complete solution for combustion control and burner management in hazardous locations – Find out more.

  • Three accurate measurements in one unit
  • IEC certified design for Zone 1 hazard locations
  • Self-contained housing, no purge required
  • Completely field-serviceable
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    Ex II 2G Exd IIC T3 Gb / IECEx ETL 16.0028X