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Sigma4000 Multipoint Stream Selector

Sigma4000 Multipoint Stream Selector 2000 Screen Displays

The Sigma4000 multipoint stream selector multiplexes several sampling points to two ta3000 or ta5000 process gas analyzers, ensuring an ultra-high-purity gas supply without dedicating an instrument to each gas stream.

By reducing the need for individual analyzers at each sample point, the Sigma4000 can significantly decrease the cost of ultra-high-purity (UHP) gas monitoring.

Controlled by the process gas analyzer, it can poll several gas streams in sequence, or can be programmed to switch between the inlets and outlets of large-scale purifiers to verify their performance.

The Sigma4000 multipoint stream selector is seamlessly compatible with AMETEK Process Instruments’ ta3000 and ta5000 analyzers, making it ideal for use in the industrial gas, LCD/OLED display manufacturing and semiconductor industries.

Designed to maintain high flow velocities, the Sigma4000 incorporates a special purge assembly and bypass network that eliminates dead volume downstream of each shut-off valve. A pressure-controlled splitter provides low flow rate without reducing velocity in external sample lines.

Eliminating dead volume downstream and rapidly purging the common flow channel to the analyzer (via a precisely designed bi-flow manifold) prevents sample cross-contamination. Only orbitally welded or vacuum-brazed joints are used in the analyzer flow path.

Data collection viewer software organizes information from the process gas analyzer in tabular form, and on 24-hour trend reports. Sample stream ID number, time, analytical data and alarm conditions are readily available for local viewing or network sharing.

Sigma4000 is the cost-effective solution for monitoring impurities at multiple sampling points – Find out more.


  • Compatible with ta3000 and ta5000
  • Digital display of manifold pressure
  • Designed to maintain high flow velocities
  • Rapid sequencing between gas streams