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9900RM Gas Analyzer

Model 9900RM Gas Analyzer

The 9900 is a single or multi-component gas analyzer that can be used alone or as an integrated part of a continuous emissions monitoring (CEM) system.

Configurable to measure most gas species that are absorbed in UV, it delivers excellent baseline stability and minimal span drift, with no interference from water and carbon dioxide.

With a simple and robust design, the 9900RM is capable of measuring up to five components simultaneously, providing highly cost-effective multicomponent analysis.

Available in a wall-mount or 19 in. rack-mount configuration, the 9900 is ideal for emissions monitoring in a wide range of applications, including the cement/lime, glass, hydrocarbon processing, metals and mining, natural gas, and pulp and paper industries.

A user-friendly keyboard interface enables programming of variable including oxygen correction, along with the timing and frequency of local zero and span checks. Analog and digital outputs are both available, with serial communications via Modbus protocol.

High-resolution UV enables unparalleled linearity over a wide dynamic range, with less than 1% deviation over four-to-five orders of magnitude. This leads to simple, robust data analysis.

A six-position filter wheel enables one reference and five measure wavelengths. Dual beam configuration, combined with the reference measurement, ensures low-noise performance with minimal baseline and span drift. Five measurable wavelengths enable the direct measurement of up to five species.

The 9900 is our versatile UV analyzer for CEM systems and process monitoring – Find out more.

  • Minimal span drift and excellent baseline stability
  • Free of interference from water and carbon dioxide
  • Optional oxygen measurement
  • Rack-mount or wall-mount versions