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Battery Information and Disposal

Several of AMETEK Process Instruments products contain batteries that fall into the classification of portable batteries and accumulators per clause 10 of the battery directive 2006/66/EC. Click here for the AMETEK Process Instruments Battery Directive Declaration of Conformity. Some of these products include:
  • 1200 and 2200 Spectrascan (obsolete)
  • Model 3050 MCU
  • ProMaxion (computer boards)
  • IPS-4 (MCU)
  • Model 9000RM (MCU)
  • Linkbus (MCU)
  • Thermox IQ sensors
  • Model 210 display
  • Model 5800
  • Model 5900
  • Model 880
  • Dycor electronics
  • Model 6000
  • Model 6200
  • Thermox Series 2000/4000/5000 Controller (MCU) 

Check the operation manual for specifics regarding the battery contained in your AMETEK Process Instruments product.

Recycle and Disposal Instructions

The products may contain a nickel metal hydride, lithium, or lithium ion battery. Consult your user manual or service manual for specific battery information. The battery must be recycled or disposed of properly. Complete and submit the form on the Contact Us page. Note 'Battery Disposal' in the Product/Application field or contact your local waste disposal/recycle facility.