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Cryogenic Gas Generation

Cryogenic gas generation systems are used to produce high-purity industrial gases, usually from atmospheric air. Nitrogen is the most commonly produced gas using this process.

The purity of industrial gas generated by cryogenic systems typically depends on the oxygen contamination within it. Even a very low level can significantly affect the quality of the product.

High-purity industrial gases are used for a wide variety of applications, including semiconductor manufacturing, medical gases, and ammonia production, so high quality is essential.

We provide field-proven analytical solutions using trusted zirconium oxide sensors that react quickly and accurately to changing oxygen concentrations. Some of our products can distinguish between an O2 upset condition and excess combustibles process upsets, which is important in cryogenic gas generating processes.

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    Trace oxygen monitoring

    Oxygen, from the air, is a key impurity in many cryogenic gases. To ensure product quality, it is important to monitor very low levels of oxygen within the gas stream.

    Recommended products: CG1000, TM2000