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WDG Insitu Probe

Model WDG Insitu Probe

Completely field serviceable, the WDG Insitu is a direct-sensing oxygen (O2) probe suitable for applications where the flue gas temperature does not exceed 800oC (1472oF).

With a range of different probe lengths offered, its unique inner/outer probe design enables the removal of cell, heater and thermocouple assembly through the probe head.

The removable inner probe assembly expo
ses the reference side of the zirconium oxide cell to ambient air, eliminating the need for instrument air at the probe mounting. The outer support stays mounted to the process.

Combining easy component access with reduced utility requirements, the WDG Insitu provides a cost-effective, reduced maintenance solution for fired boiler operations in the hydrocarbon processing, metals and mining and power and steam generation industries.

The unique design means that once the inner probe assembly is removed, the outer probe support pipe allows straight-run access to the insitu filter for cleaning with compressed air.

There is no requirement for instrument air utilities where the probe is mounted, because the inner probe assembly design ensures the zirconium cell is exposed to ambient air on its reference side.

This microprocessor-based control unit maximizes integration with existing plant or process control systems. It provides a four-line local display, analog outputs, alarms, expanded system diagnostics and an autocalibration option.

The WDG Insitu probe is the direct-sensing flue gas analyzer with a unique design for complete field service capabilities – Find out more.

  • Hot-wet oxygen analysis
  • Range of probe lengths
  • Easy maintenance
  • Detachable probe design