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910 Hot/Wet Multi Gas Mass Flow CEM

Model 910 Hot/Wet Multi Gas Mass Flow CEM
Capable of measuring up to five different gases simultaneously, the 910 is a complete analysis system, with a sample extraction and transport designed for maintaining sample integrity.

Delivering multi-component analytical performance that typically requires two or more separate analyzers, it provides a cost-effective alternative for the monitoring of multiple gases. An optional zirconium oxide sensor can be added to measure oxygen.

The 910 performs all necessary flow management for sample and calibration gases, and provides probe and sample line temperature control, in addition to measurements mentioned above.

A full-featured continuous emissions monitoring (CEM) system, the 910 is ideal for measurements of stack emissions in the hydrocarbon processing industry.

With a dual-beam, multiple-wavelength configuration, the 910 delivers a resolution better than 0.02nm. The dual-beam design combines with a reference measurement to ensure low noise performance with minimal baseline and span drift.

Ultraviolet (UV) measurements do not suffer from water (H2O) and carbon dioxide (CO2) interference, as these species are transparent in the UV. This greatly simplifies sample handling and ensures a more accurate analysis.

The sample cell and all components in contact with the sample are heated above the dew points of all gases in the sample stream. This results in a simpler, more accurate calculation of gas concentrations.

The 910 is our complete CEM system for monitoring multiple pollutants in stack emissions on a mass rate basis. – Find out more.

  • Ability to measure up to five different gases
  • Multi-range sulfur dioxide measurement
  • Independent nitric oxide (NO) and nitrogen dioxide (NO2) measurement
  • Automated zero and span gas calibration
  • Incorporates flow measurement for emission rate calculations