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Industrial Gas

A variety of gases are produced for industrial purposes across a wide range of applications. The major industrial gases are nitrogen, oxygen, carbon dioxide, argon, hydrogen, acetylene and helium, and precise measurements are needed to ensure gas purity.

The industrial gas market includes the production of these high-purity gases, and also their bottling and transportation. At every stage, gas monitoring is important to prevent the possibility of contamination.

Purity is essential to the industrial gas market. Monitoring contamination to ensure a highly pure product supports safety, efficiency and end product quality in many different industries.

Our analytical solutions are industry-proven to support gas purity and monitor contamination. They use accurate, fast-response technologies that are capable of measuring very low levels of concentration, and able to operate in demanding process conditions.

  • Process +

    Cryogenic gas generation

    Cryogenic gas generation systems are used to produce high-purity industrial gases, usually from atmospheric air. Nitrogen is the most commonly produced gas using this process. Keep Reading

    Gas purification

    Most industrial gases are produced to meet a specified purity. This requires accurate monitoring of any contaminants during the production process to ensure the necessary quality is met. Keep Reading

    Glove box applications

    A glove box is a sealed container used for manipulating objects in a separate, isolated atmosphere. This is typically an inert environment for safe handling of the box contents. Keep Reading

    Inert gas purity

    Inert gases have several applications, and are often used in industry to blanket a process to prevent explosive or damaging reactions that would otherwise occur in atmospheric air. Keep Reading

    UV curing ovens

    Ultraviolet (UV) curing is used in a wide range of manufacturing applications to increase production efficiency and minimize potential defects and errors during the drying process. Gas monitoring ensures product quality. Keep Reading