Chanscope II Dew Point Tester

Model Chanscope II Dew Point Tester


The Need
Natural gas pipeline operations are dramatically impacted by the presence or formation of liquids within the gas pipeline. The dew point of the natural gas must be periodically checked in order to ensure that troublesome liquid formation is not occuring in the pipeline.

Operators and technicians using the standard Bureau of Mines Dew Point Tester to determine the dew point of the natural gas found it difficult to use. The mirror was difficult to view in good daylight; at night it was nearly impossible. The standard tester also required the user to take his sight off the mirror in order to determine the current mirror temperature and its rate of decrease. An easier to use manual dew point tester was needed.

The Solution
The Chanscope IITM was designed to meet the need for a user friendly dew point tester. It measures the dew point of the sample gas through the use of a chilled mirror as required by ASTM D1142. This device bears a number of significant improvements to usability over the standard dew point tester:

  • The mirror is illuminated making it much easier to see dew formation and identify the type of dew on the mirror.
  • The temperature of the mirror is displayed above the mirror itself electronically thereby making it much easier to identify the exact temperature at which the dew forms.
  • The temperature sensor operates over the full range of possible dew points thereby eliminating the need to have multiple testers of varying dew point range.
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