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Chanscope II Dew Point Tester

The Chanscope II is a rugged, portable instrument for measurements of the moisture (water) or hydrocarbon dew point temperature of any gas, and is frequently used to verify electronic hydrocarbon and water dew point analyzers.

A user-friendly dew point tester that is easy to maintain and operate, it displays the temperature above the illuminated mirror, making it simpler for the operator to determine results.

The Chanscope II is a chilled mirror device that allows an operator to control an expandable gas through a valve, cooling the instrument’s polished mirror until the dew point temperature is observed.

Operating over the full range of possible dew points, the Chanscope II is ideal for applications in the natural gas market, and can be also used for steam and heat-treating, industrial gas, refining, chemical and petrochemical applications.
The Chanscope II measures the dew point of the sample gas through the use of a chilled mirror, as required by ASTM D1142. Its accurate performance can be used to verify fixed installation analyzers.

Capable of measuring both moisture (water) and hydrocarbon dew point in a single analyzer, the Chanscope II eliminates the need for multiple instruments, reducing costs.

Designed for simple operation, the instrument requires no electrical power. Simply connect the process gas and coolant, and you are ready to perform your measurements.

The Chanscope II dew point tester is rugged, portable, and easy to use and maintain – Find out more.


  • Easy to maintain and use with simple readout
  • Meets ASTM D1142
  • No calibration needed
  • Capable of measurements in sour natural gas