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Metals & Mining

The metals and mining industry is focused on the extraction and processing of mineral and metal deposits. This includes the industrial production of high-quality metal products.

The products of metals and mining processes are essential to a wide range of industries including manufacturing, construction and power generation. Product quality depends upon accurate and continuous gas analysis.

Metals and mining operations require high temperatures at many stages. This heat is delivered by combustion processes, which require gas analysis to ensure product quality and control emissions.

Our expertise delivers solutions that ensures safety, quality and efficiency in the high-heat environment of metals and mining. Using our accurate technologies – including TDLAS lasers, mass spectrometers, UV, and zirconium oxide analyzers – we provide the measurements you require, from furnace control to emissions reduction.

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    Coke ovens

    Hot-quality metallurgical coke is a vital raw material for iron and steel production. It affects blast furnace operations and can be a significant contributor to the quality of the hot metal produced. Keep Reading

    Emissions compliance

    Metal and mining processes generate harmful gas emissions, particularly oxides of nitrogen (NOx), which are subject to environmental regulation. Compliance with these regulations must be demonstrated to avoid fines and other sanctions. Keep Reading

    Foundry/Metals production furnaces

    Furnace heating is essential to metal production. The extreme temperatures required for molten metal processes is delivered by a combustion reaction between oxygen (from air) and a fuel source. Keep Reading


    Kilns are used to raise materials to a high temperature, for applications including metal ore extraction and the production of molten metal, particularly iron. Keep Reading

    Power and steam boilers

    Boilers can be used to provide power or steam for the manufacturing process.  With the proper measurements, optimized combustion control can reduce fuel consumption and lessen emissions. Keep Reading

    Steel production

    Steel is produced from molten iron in a basic oxygen furnace, or by melting direct reduced iron in an electric arc furnace. The processes are based on the removal of carbon by oxidation. Keep Reading