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Marine Fuel

Oil refiners convert raw product into many useful fuel resources, tailored to specific applications.  One of them – marine fuel – can be burned to generate power for marine vessels.

The sulfur content of marine fuel is measured to ensure it conforms to increasingly more stringent international emissions standards.  The intent of these standards is to produce a cleaner environment.

Emissions from marine fuels, particularly in the form of sulfur dioxide, can contribute to pollution levels in port regions. Monitoring sulfur levels in the fuel can help control these emissions.

Our x-ray transmission technology is specifically designed for the online analysis of sulfur in highly viscous hydrocarbons such as crude and residual oil. It delivers superb analytical precision that meets the needs of marine fuel analysis.

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    Marine bunker fuel quality

    To monitor and improve quality in bunker fuel, it is important to determine the concentration of sulfur.

    Recommended products: 682T-HP