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Emission Compliance

Pulp and paper production can generate harmful gases and particulate matter, which are subject to environmental regulation. Compliance with these regulations must be demonstrated to avoid fines and other sanctions.

Reliable, accurate emission monitoring is essential to ensure the kraft process complies with environmental regulations. This requires operators to properly install suitable measurement equipment that meets all regulatory criteria.

Continuous analysis of flue gases, particularly those derived from combustion, is required for pulp and paper processes to prove compliance. In addition, any particulate matter generated by the process must be monitored.

AMETEK Process Instruments provides proven solutions for emissions monitoring that meet international standards for compliance. Our range of technologies deliver both hot-wet and cold-dry analysis, and can be configured for an extensive variety of pollutants.

  • Application +

    Continuous emission monitoring (CEM)

    CEM systems constantly analyze gases to measure the released pollutants, demonstrating compliance. Equipment must provide stable, accurate results that are not subject to cross-interference from other pollutants. 

    Recommended products: IPS-4, WDG-VRM, CEM/O2

    Pulp bleaching

    Chemical processing of wood pulp is used to lighten its color. The organic materials used have the potential for significant environmental damage, so close monitoring is essential to safeguard against emissions and ensure compliance.

    Recommended products: IPS-4