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Power & Steam Generation

The power and steam generation industry provides the backbone of the industrial world by producing electrical power, typically through combustion processes that generate steam to rotate a turbine.

Power and steam generation largely depends upon combustion processes, which in turn depend on the efficient reaction between air and a range of combustible fuels.

Controlling the ratio of air and fuel in combustion is key to safety, efficiency and cost-effectiveness. It also impacts upon the pollutant emissions that may be generated by combustion.

Reliable, accurate combustion measurements are essential to controlling power generation processes. With a wealth of experience in providing power generation solutions, we have developed a wide range of products using proven technologies for accurate combustion control.

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    Biofuels are derived from biological material such as crops, wood or landfill gas. The increased cost of traditional fuels and uncertainty over their supply has prompted greater use of biofuels for power generation. Keep Reading


    Coal has traditionally been a major fuel source for power and steam generation, and analytical solutions are well established to support process efficiency and safety, despite high-particulate conditions. Keep Reading

    Natural gas

    Natural gas, a hydrocarbon gas mixture mostly consisting of methane, provides a significant proportion of the world’s energy supply, with large-scale global usage in combustion-driven power generation applications. Keep Reading