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Foundry & Metals Production Furnaces

Furnace heating is essential to metal production. The extreme temperatures required for molten metal processes is delivered by a combustion reaction between oxygen (from air) and a fuel source.

Controlling combustion processes in the furnace or foundry will optimize process efficiency and the quality of the molten metal. It also helps to reduce harmful emissions and extend furnace lifetime.

Furnace conditions are highly challenging for analytical instruments. Very high temperatures and high levels of particulate can make accurate measurements difficult.

We provide proven solutions for monitoring combustion gases in foundries and metals production furnaces, using trusted measurement technologies. With a variety of specialized designs, we provide the best match to ensure reliable performance, even in challenging and high-particulate conditions.

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    Combustion control

    The key to combustion efficiency is to find the optimum ratio between air and fuel in the combustion reaction. This requires, at the minimum, accurate monitoring of oxygen, and also benefits from additional measurements: combustibles (for process optimization) and methane/hydrocarbon (for safety).

    Recommended products: WDG-HPII