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909 Hot/Wet Single Gas Mass Flow CEM

Model 909 Hot/Wet Single Gas Mass Flow CEM

The 909 is a single gas continuous emissions monitoring (CEM) system that measures stack effluent temperature and velocity alongside pollutant concentrations at stack conditions. This enables mass emission rates to be reported.

With no moving parts, the 909 offers high reliability and reduced maintenance requirements. It provides sample and mass flow measurements in one device, with an optional zirconium oxide sensor for oxygen measurement.

The sample cell and all components in contact with the sample are heated above the dew points of all gases in the sample stream. This gives a more accurate calculation of gas concentrations, compared to CEM systems that require water removal or sample dilution.

Designed specifically for stack emission monitoring in sulfur recovery incinerators and sulfuric acid plants, the 909 is ideal for applications in the hydrocarbon processing industry.

The 909 performs all necessary sample gas and calibration flow management tasks, as well as probe and sample line temperature control. Only a sample probe and sample line are required for full operation.

Designed to operate without moving parts, the 909 is built for maximum reliability and durability. It is a complete system with a sample extraction and transport system designed to ensure sample integrity.

High-intensity line-source lamps provide a resolution better than 0.02nm, enabling excellent linearity over a wide dynamic range and leading to highly accurate measurements.

The 909 is the single gas mass rate CEM solution for stack emissions monitoring in sulfur recovery applications – Find out more.

  • Reduced maintenance requirements
  • Sample and mass flow measurements in one device
  • No water compensation or correction factors needed
  • Automated zero and span gas calibrationsE