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System Integration

AMETEK Process Instruments provides integrated analytical measurement systems for a variety of industries each with its own specific requirements. We have system integration production capabilities at our Calgary, Newark and Pittsburgh facilities. Factory acceptance tests (FAT) for a comprehensive scope of analysers can be supported from any one of our locations.

Download our Integrated Analytical Solutions brochure.

Hydrocarbon Processing Industry


Analyzer integration requirements for HPC applications varies from simple weather protection for a close coupled analyzer, to wall hung or ground mounted cabinets, to full walk in analyzer houses with HVAC and fire & gas systems. AMETEK Process Instruments manufactures according to NEC, IEC, ATEX and GOST hazardous protection area codes depending on end use country and customer requirements. AMETEK Process Instruments specializes in sulfur recovery applications where analyzer system design cannot be left to chance or standard design, the system is delivered with a single guarantee from sample tap to output. AMETEK integrates third party analyzers from a variety of analyzer suppliers.

Natural Gas Quality Measurement


Natural gas quality monitoring frequently requires analysis of more than one impurity. AMETEK offers standard, as well as custom designed combinations of analysers and provides convenient turnkey packages. A typical natural gas quality measurement package includes hydrocarbon dew point (Model 241CE II), moisture (Model 5100 TDLAS or Model 3050) and H2S ( Model 933) monitoring equipment. An example of specific custom solutions is a multi-point moisture analyzer system using our QCM or TDLAS analyzers for gas dehydration control. A global network of trained and experienced AMETEK service staff are available for commissioning and training to ensure a successful start up of all AMETEK supplied equipment.

Continuous Emission Monitoring Systems (CEMS)


Engineered solutions for Continuous Emission Monitoring systems (CEMs) process and environmental monitoring. Multi component systems, extractive dry-dilution, extractive hot-wet, mass emission, rack mounted, wall mounted, hazardous area or general purpose. AMETEK has experience with many application specific CEMs for sulfur recovery, tail gas clean up, residual H2S in stack gas, sulfuric acid mist and non contact O2 for wet or corrosive streams.

Ultra High Purity (UHP) Gases and Semiconductor

Semiconductor and UHP gas applications are another world as compared to any other application. The challenges include; maintaining sample integrity, reducing contamination, increasing speed of response and validation at single digit to sub ppb levels. AMETEK Process Instruments manufactures a wide variety of UHP analysers that measure trace impurities like HC, CO, CO2, H2, moisture and O2 as well as residual gas analyzers (RGA). AMETEK Process Instruments can provide full integration for both mobile and fixed systems in any combination in standard packages or customized configurations.

Pharmaceutical and Biotechnology

Pharmaceutical and Biotech unit operations require that measurements be taken over a wide range of pressures and temperatures. AMETEK has designed specific inlet systems for the both the manufacturing floor and the research lab. We can arrange for complete installations including heated sample lines or work with third party contractors to make installation as smooth as possible. Availability of IQ/OQ documentation ensures a trouble-free validation process.