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933 H2S in Natural Gas

Model 933 H2S in Natural Gas

The 933 is a unique ultraviolet (UV) photometric analyzer system designed for the low-level measurement of hydrogen sulfide (H2S), carbonyl sulfide (COS), and methyl mercaptan (CH3SH) in natural gas applications.

Capable of unattended operation for an extended time period, the 933 consists of a fully integrated analyzer and sample system. It provides a fast response time to increasing or decreasing H2S and other sulfur species concentrations.

The 933 uses AMETEK’s proprietary frontal elution chromatography sampling technique, combined with the exceptionally high-resolution, multi-wavelength 900 Series UV optical bench. These combine to provide an accurate, interference-free measurement.

With optional measurements also available for carbonyl sulfide (COS) and methyl mercaptan (CH3SH), the 933 is ideal for a range of applications in the hydrocarbon processing, natural gas, and petrochemical industries.

Two self-regenerating columns are employed in the 933. While one column is conditioning the gas sample, the other is automatically regenerated.

The 933 utilizes unique, proprietary frontal elution chromatography to separate H2S, COS and CH3SH from interfering components in natural gas.

Non-dispersive, dual-beam hollow cathode UV photometric detection of H2S (optional COS and CH3SH) provides accuracy better than ±2% of full scale on standard ranges.

The 933 is a unique high-resolution, multi-wavelength UV analyzer for H2S, COS, and CH3SH in natural gas – Find out more.

  • Fully integrated analyzer and sample system
  • Self-recovery after high-concentration H2S events
  • Fast response to changing concentrations
  • Optional COS and CH3SH measurements