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Drying Operations

Pharmaceutical manufacturers use a combination of approaches to remove moisture and solvents from their products. Effective and efficient drying is key to final product quality.

The most common drying method requires the process to be frequently stopped for loss of drying (LOD) analysis. This time-consuming process is repeated until a predetermined LOD value is achieved.

Monitoring moisture and solvent vapors driven from the product during drying negates the need to stop, analyze and restart the drying process, saving many hours in large-scale drying operations.

We provide a stable, reliable tunable diode laser absorption spectroscopy solution for monitoring drying applications. This non-contact analysis technique offers high-specificity and selectivity. Compared to other technologies it has a faster response time, larger dynamic range and lower drift.

  • Application +

    Moisture in final product

    A quantitative measurement of the moisture found in the dryer exhaust directly correlates to the amount of moisture in the end product, providing a determination of final product quality.

    Recommended products: 5100HD

    Oxygen concentration in dryers

    Inert environments are often required for pharmaceutical production to control the organic solvent vapors released during drying. Monitoring the oxygen levels within the dryer safeguards against the risk of explosion.

    Recommended products: 5100HD, WDG-V