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Sulfuric Acid Production

Sulfuric acid is produced by the Contact Process, which converts sulfur dioxide into sulfur trioxide, which in turn is converted into the final product.

Sulfuric acid is an important and widely used chemical, with hundreds of millions of tons produced globally each year. It is used in a wide range of industries, including the manufacture of other useful chemical compounds.

The major use of sulfuric acid is to make phosphoric acid for fertilizers. It is also widely used in metal processing, including copper and zinc manufacture and the ‘pickling’ of steel surfaces.

We provide a combined dispersive ultraviolet optical bench and non-dispersive infrared sensor for this application. This delivers the fast-response measurements needed in the sour gas treatment process to deliver maximized yields of sulfur dioxide feedstock for sulfuric acid production.

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    Sulfur dioxide removal efficiency

    The efficient removal of sulfur dioxide from the process gas stream is essential to prevent contamination and reduce harmful emissions, and maximizes the yield of sulfur dioxide for use as a feedstock.

    Recommended products: IPS-4, 909, 910, 919, 920, 9900