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WDG-V Combustion Analyzer

THERMOX Model  WDG-V Combustion Analyzer

Designed for safety and serviceability, the WDG-V is a flue gas analyzer designed to provide accurate measurements of oxygen (O2), combustibles (CO+H2) and methane (CH4) for process control and safety in combustion applications.

Offering safe, reliable operation through continual diagnostic checks and proactive alarms, the analyzer provides an additional layer of safety in burner management systems in a versatile, completely field-serviceable solution designed for SIL-2. 

The WDG-V has a close-coupled extractive design, delivering fast responses in flue gases up to 1648oC (3000oF). Zirconium oxide measures oxygen and catalytic detectors measure combustibles and methane.  An integral flow sensor assures sample system integrity.

The WDG-V series is ideal for a wide range of markets, including cement and lime, hydrocarbon processing, metals and mining, pharmaceutical, and power and steam generation.  Commonly used in process heaters, steam boilers and thermal oxidizers.

The WDG-V series is designed with measurement redundancy and continual diagnostic functions that assess the health of the instrument and validate the proper combustion measurements. This provides a low probability of failure, ensuring maximum reliability.

Designed for SIL-2, continual diagnostic checks allow the analyzer to send out alerts while in operation.  Service alarms inform the control system or safety implemented system (SIS) if inspection or service is required.

All components are easily serviceable without having to remove the analyzer from the process flange. Online diagnostics allow users to monitor detector health for proactive maintenance.  Ethernet connection allows remote performance monitoring for maintenance LANs or asset management systems (AMS).
The WDG-V series is the comprehensive solution for combustion control and safety – Find out more.

  • Precise control of low O2 setpoints with confidence
  • Combustibles and hydrocarbon detection for control interlocks and safety shutdown
  • Predictive diagnostics
  • SIL 2 capable for SIS implementation of IEC 16508/61511
  • Integral flow sensor verifies sample system integrity
  • Completely field-serviceable