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Coal has traditionally been a major fuel source for power and steam generation, and analytical solutions are well established to support process efficiency and safety, despite high-particulate conditions.

The efficiency of the combustion reaction from burning coal is controlled by balancing the air-to-fuel ratio. Measurements of the oxygen (O2) and combustibles (CO+H2) present in the process ensure optimal performance.

Uneven distribution of pulverized coal may result in uneven combustion, with variable gas concentrations across the furnace (stratification). Therefore, multipoint O2 and combustibles analysis is necessary.

We provide proven solutions for monitoring combustion gases in coal-fired power and steam generation processes, using trusted measurement technologies. We offer a variety of designs to deliver reliable performance, even in challenging and high-particulate conditions.

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    Combustion control

    The key to combustion efficiency is to find the optimum ratio between air and fuel in the combustion reaction. This requires, at the minimum, accurate monitoring of oxygen, and also benefits from additional measurements: combustibles (for process optimization) and methane/hydrocarbon (for safety).

    Recommended products: WDG-HPII, WDG-V Blowback, WDG 1200/1210, WDG Insitu